Sankrit Baby Names

Sanskrit is a very sensitive language. Most of the Indian languages draw words from Sanskrit. The meanings are profound and at the same time very easy to be understood. Most meanings also relate to other names of Gods and Goddesses or rituals and hence are special for many people in India. The meanings also relate to expressions or virtues that make the names more important.

Vahini means flowing like the river, Urvashi means celestial beauty, Tripti stands for satisfaction, Manasa means the mind, Udita means sunrise, Rati is the consort of the love God, PRana means life, Ulka is the star, Vela means time and Vibha means night. Enakshi is doe-eyed, Kamalakshi is lotus-eyed, Sayyam means patience. Rajika is the lamp, Shlok is a verse, Hari means Lord Vishnu, Ramita is pleasing, Shravan means the perfect offspring and Shaman means to abate.

Rachita is created, Rachit is it’s the version for the boy, Vinaya means modest, Ramona means a protector, Virat means expanse, Rasika means enjoyment, Akshay means not defeatable, Arth means meaning, Raksha means to protect, Rajat means sovereign, Rashmi means light. Vallari is a creeper and Vama means Goddess Durga. Ravi means the sun, Hasya means laughter, Bhavya is Durga and Shaiva means Shiv. 

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