Girl Baby Names Start With R Letter

Girl Baby Names Start With R Letter

Girl Baby Names Start With 'R' Letter

Choosing a Good name for your daughter (Girl Baby) a big responsibility. While it's certainly a Happy experience, it can be stressful, too! After all, naming your Baby Girls is one of the first and most important decisions you will make as a new parent. Here is a good collection of Girls Baby Name Start with 'R' letter.

A good collection of baby Girl's names is available on our website. Here the Baby Girl's Names has been categorized according to the alphabet, with the help of this site we are providing you a collection of the Best Girl's Baby Names Start With 'R' Letter, you can select any of these names and keep the name of your child. On this website, we have given new baby names along with their Meanings.

Baby NameMeanings
Raaka Full Moon
Raakhi symbol of protection
Rabia famous; godly
Rabhya Worshipped
Rachana Creation
Rachika Creator
Rachita Created
Rachna Creation
Radha Lord Krishna's lover
Radhika Successful
Raga Melody
Ragi Loving
Ragini Melody
Raima Pleasing; Rama of the axe
Raja King-Queen
Rajalakshmi Goddess lakshmi
Rajanigandha night blossoming flower
Rajashri Royalty
Rajasi worthy of a king
Rajata silver
Rajdulari dear princess
Rajeshri Queen
Rajeshwari goddess Parvati
Rajhansa swan
Raji Shining
Rajika Lamp
Rajkumari princess
Rajnandini princess
Rajni Night
Rajshri sage-like king
Rajul Brilliant
Raka full moon
Rakhi Bond of protection
Raksha Protection
Rakshita Protector
Rakshasamardini Destroyer of Demons.
Rakti Pleasing
Rama Goddess Laxmi
Ramani beautiful girl
Rambha name of an apsara
Rameshwari Parvati
Ramini Beautiful woman
Ramita Pleasing
Ramola who takes interest in everything
Ramra Splendour
Ramya Delightful
Rangana happy
Rangat colorful
Ranhita Quick
Rani Queen
Ranita tinkling
Ranjana Enjoyment
Ranjini pleasing
Ranjita amusing, decorated
Ranya Pleasant
Rashi A collection of wealth; Sign
Rashmi Sun Rays
Rashmika ray of light
Rasika sugarcane juice, connoiseur
Rasna Ray
Ratanjali red sandal wood
Ratchika Protector, saviour
Rati Joy, Wife of Kamdeva
Ratna gem
Ratnabala jewelled
Ratnabali string of pearls
Ratnajyoti light from a jewel
Ratnalekha beauty of jewels
Ratnali a jewelled
Ratnamala jewels necklace
Ratnangi whole body adorned with jewels
Ratnaprabha Earth, light from a jewel
Ratnapriya one who likes jewels
Ratnavali a bunch of gems
RatriNight A Name for Goddess Durga
Raveena Sunny
Raviprabha light of the sun
Raya Flow; Sated with drink
Rebha Sings praises
Reema Goddess Durga
Reena Gem
Rekha Line; Limit
Reneeka Song
Renu "Particle, grain, sand"
Renuka Mother of Parasuram
Resham silk
Reshma Silken
Reshmi silken
Reva to move
Revathi Wealth
Revati Prosperity
Rewa Swift
Rhea Singer
Riddhi Fortunate
Ridhima Full of love
Riju/ Rijul Innocent
Rijuta Innocense
Rima Goddess Durga
Rina Dissolved Rinkal
Risha Sainty
Rishika saintly
Rishima Moonbeam
Rishita saintly
Rita Way of life
Rithika of a stream
Riti memory; well being
Ritika Movement, Of Brass
Ritisha the goddess of truth
Ritsika Traditional
Ritu Season
Rochi Light
Rohana sandalwood
Rohin Rising
Rohini Moon
Rohita Brahma's daughter
Roma Goddess Laxmi
Romila Heartfelt
Roop Appearance
Roopa blessed with beauty
Roopali Pretty
Roopini Beautiful appearance
Roshna bright
Roshni Light
Rubaina bright
Rucha Vedic lyrics
Ruchi Light
Ruchika Shining; Beautiful; Desirous
Ruchira tasty
Ruchita Splenderous
Rudra Parvati, consort of Shiva; crying
Rudrabhiravi Goddess Durga
Rudrakali Godess Durga
Rudrani Goddess Parvati
Rudrapriya beloved of Rudra; Parvati
Rugu Soft
Ruhi Soul
Ruhin Spiritual
Rujula who endows wealth, Lakshmi
Rujuta honesty, sincerity
Rukhmini Goddess Laxmi
Rukma Gold
Rukmini wife of Krishna
Ruma Vedic hymn
Rupa Silver
Rupal Made of silver
Rupali beautiful, pretty
Rupashi Beautiful
Rupashri a musical raagini
Rupasi beautiful lady
Rupeshwari Goddess of beauty
Rupi beauty
Rupika piece of Gold, pretty
Rusham Peaceful
Rushda Good News
Ruth Season

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