Girl Baby Names Start With P Letter

Girl Baby Names Start With P Letter

Girl Baby Names Start With 'P' Letter

Choosing a Good name for your daughter (Girl Baby) a big responsibility. While it's certainly a Happy experience, it can be stressful, too! After all, naming your Baby Girls is one of the first and most important decisions you will make as a new parent. Here is a good collection of Girls Baby Name Start with 'P' letter.

A good collection of baby Girl's names is available on our website. Here the Baby Girl's Names has been categorized according to the alphabet, with the help of this site we are providing you a collection of the Best Girl's Baby Names Start With 'P' Letter, you can select any of these names and keep the name of your child. On this website, we have given new baby names along with their Meanings.

Baby NameMeanings
Padma Lotus
Padmagriha who resides in a lotus
Padmaja Goddess Laxmi
Padmajai born from lotus, Lakshmi
Padmakali lotus bud
Padmakshi one with lotus-like eyes
Padmal lotus
Padmalaya lake of lotuses
Padmalochana lotus eyed
Padmamalini Goddess Lakshmi
Padmapriya Lover of Lotus
Padmarekha lotus like lines on palm
Padmashri Divine Lotus
Padmavasa one who resided in lotus
Padmavati Goddess Lakshmi
Padmini lotus pond
Padnuni Lotus
Pahal the start
Pakhi Bird
Pakshalika On the right Path
Palak Eye lid
Palaksi White
Pallavi Bud
Pallavini with new leaves
Pameela Honey
Pampa River
Panchali One with wife husbands
Panini Skilful
Panita Admired
Pankaja Lotus
Pankajadharini Who holds a Lotus
Pankhadi Petal
Parajika a raagini
Parama the best
Parameshwari Goddess Durga
Paramita Friend of Others
Paravi bird
Parbarti surrender
Pari Fairy
Paridhi Limit
Parina Fairy
Parinita Complete
Parivita Extermely free
Pariyat Flower
Parmita Wisdom
Parnal leafy
Parnashri leafy beauty
Parnavi bird
Parni leafy
Parnika a small leaf, Parvati
Parnita auspicious Apsara
Parthavi Goddess Sita
Parthivi Sita
Parul Graceful, Flow of Water
Parvani full moon; a special day
Parvati Who lives in Mountains
Parveen star
Parvini Festival
Pasha A bond
PashupriyaFond of all beings
Patala Goddess Durga
Patmanjari a raga
Patralekha name from ancient epics
Pavitra Pure
Payal Anklets
Payoja lotus
Pehr Phase/ time of day.
Phiroza turquoise
Phoolan flower
Pia beloved
Piki cuckoo
Pinakini Bow shaped
Pinga Goddess Durga
Pingla Goddess Durga
Pival a tree
Pivari a wife of Sukha
Piyali a tree
Pooja Prayer, worship
Poonam Full moon
Poorbi eastern
Poorna Complete
Poornakamala A Blooming Lotus
Poornima full moon
Poorva earlier one, elder, east
Poorvaganga river Narmada
Poorvaja elder sister
Poorvi A classical melody
Poushali of the month Poush
Prabha Light
Prabhada lady
Prabhati of the morning
Prabhavati a raagini, wife of Sun
Pracheeta Origin, starting point
Prachi East
Pradeepta glowing
Pradnya Wisdom; Buddhi
Prafula in bloom
Pragalbha Goddess Durga
Pragati Progress
Pragnya Scholar.
Pragya Wisdom
Pragyaparamita wise
Pragyawati a wise woman
Prajakta Fragnant flower
Prajna Goddess Saraswati
Prakalpa Project
Prakhya Appearance
Prakriti Nature; Beautiful
Prama knowledge of truth
Pramada woman
Pramila One of Arjuna's wife
Pramiti Wisdom
Pranali Organisation
Pranati prayer
Pranauthi Lamp in Kannada
Pranavi Goddess Parvathi
Pranaya Leader
Pranidhi Spy
Pranita Promoted
Pranjal Honest and soft
Pranjali Namaste Mudra Honest
Pranvuta Praised
Prapti Advantage
Prarthana Prayer
Prashansa praise
Prashanthi Highest peace
Prasheetha Origin, starting point
Prasheila Ancient time
Prateeksha hope, Waiting
Pratibha Splendour; Brightness
Pratichi west
Pratigya pledge, vow
Pratika Symbolic
Pratiksha hope, Waiting
Pratima Idol
Pratishtha to install, create
Pratitha Well known
Pratiti Faith
Pratyaksha appear
Praveena Skilled
Prayuta Mingled with
Preet Love
Preetha happy
Preeti love
Prema love
Premila Full of love
Prerna Inspiration
Preshti Ray of Light
Prestha Dearest
Preyasi beloved
Prianka Favourite
Prina Content
Prinaka girl who brings heaven to earth
Prisha Beloved
Prita dear one
Prital Loved one
Pritha Mother of Pandavas- Kunti
Prithika Flower
Prithuloma fish, Pisces
Priti Love
Pritika Loved one
Pritikana an atom of love
Pritilata a creeper of love
Priya Beloved
Priyadarshini delightful to look at
Priyadutta earth
Priyal Beloved, loved
Priyala One who gives love
Priyam beloved
Priyamvada sweet spoken
Priyanka Beautiful act, Favourite
Priyanvada one who speaks nicely
Priyasha dear one
Prutha Daughter of earth
Puja Prayer, worship
Puji Gentle
Pujita worshipped
Pujya Respectable
Pulak A gem, smile
Pulkita embraced
Puloma wife of the sage Bhrigu
Punarnava a star
Punam, Poonam full moon
Punita Holy
Punthali a doll
Punya Virtuous
Punya Good work
Purala Durga; guardian of fortresses
Purandhri same as Gayatri
Purnima Full Moon
Purva Elder, breeze
Purvaja elder sister
Purvi From the east
Pusha Nourishing
Pushpa Flower
Pushpagandha juhi flower
Pushpalata flower creeper
Pushpanjali flower offering
Pushpita decorated with flowers
Pusti nourishment, endorsement
Putana "Blowing Hard, Demon"
Putul doll

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Here you can find total 221 Girl baby names starting with 'P' letter, If you’re looking for baby name here lots of baby names available with meanings, you can look here starting of 'P' letter of baby names, Pick a name carefully, baby Girl names latest serious start with 'P' unique for the one you choose will be your child’s forever, baby Girl names Hindu and Hindu baby Girl names starting with 'P'. here we have a collection of Hindi name dictionary also, start with 'P' baby nickname in Hindi, Indian baby Girl nicknames list If you’re looking for the most appealing name for your baby, unique Hindu baby Girl names, A-Z of baby names search for the most popular baby names. Choose one of your favorite names.

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