Boy Baby Names Start With D Letter

Boy Baby Names Start With 'D' Letter

Choosing a Good name for your son a big responsibility. While it's certainly a Happy experience, it can be stressful, too! After all, naming your baby Boy is one of the first and most important decisions you will make as a new parent.

A good collection of baby boy names is available on our website. Here the Baby Boy Names has been categorized according to the alphabet, with the help of this site we are providing you a collection of the best Baby Names Start With 'D' Letter, you can select any of these names and keep the name of your child. On this website, we have given new baby names along with their Meanings.

Baby NameMeanings
Daamodar a name of Krishna
Daaruk charioteer of Krishna, tree
Daarun hard Male Hindu
Dahana a rudra
Daitya A non Aryan
Daiwik By the grace of God
Daksh a son of Brahma, capable
Dakshesh name of Lord Shiva
Dakshi The glorious
Dakshinayan some Movement of the Sun
Dalpati commander of group
Daman one who controls
Damodar Lord Krishna
Dandak a forest
Dandapaani an epithet for Yama
Danta Calm. Lord Hanuman
Danvir Charitable
Darpad Lord Shiva
Darpak Kamdev, god of love
Darpan Mirror
Darsh Lord Krishna
Darshak spectator
Darshan vision
Darshit seen, vision
Daruka Deodar tree
Dasharath the father of Lord Rama
Dasharathi Lord Rama
Datta one who is given
Dattatreya A son of Atri, a god
Dattey Lord Indra
Daya mercy
Dayaal kind hearted
Dayakar Merciful Lord Shiva
Dayamay full of mercy
Dayanand who takes joy in being merciful
Dayanidhi kind person
Dayaram Merciful
Dayasagar extremely kind, sea of mercy
Dayashankar Merciful Lord Shiva
Dayaswarup merciful
Debashish Pleased by godsq
Debjit One who has conquered Gods
Deenabandhu friend of the poor
Deenadayaal humble and merciful
Deenanath lord of the poor
Deenbabdhu brother of poor people
Deep a lamp
Deepak light, candle
Deepan lighting up
Deepankar one who lights the lamp
Deependra lord of lights
Deependu bright moon
Deepesh lord of light
Deepit lighted
Deeptanshu the sun
Deeptendu bright moon
Deeptiman lustrous
Deeptimoy lustrous
Dehabhuj Another name for lord Shiva
Dev god, king
Devaapi an ancient king
Devabrata a name of Bhishma
Devadas follower of god
Devadatt gift of the God
Devadeva Lord of All Lords
Devagya with knowledge of God
Devaj From God
Devajyoti brightness of the lord
Devajuta The one with the Good
Devak Divine
Devakeenandan name of Lord Krishna
Devakumar son of a god
Deval name of a saint
Devanand joy of God
Devang Part of god
Devank Godly
Devansh Part of God
Devarshi Sage of the Gods
Devashish Blessing of God
Devbrata Bhishma
Devdarsh Worshipper of God
Devdas Servant of god
Devdatta Given by God
Deveedaas servant of the god
Devendra king of Gods
Devendranath lord of the king of Gods
Devesh Lord Shiva
Deveshwar Lord Shiva
Devguru teacher of Gods ( Brihaspati )
Devidas servant (devotee) of Godess
Devi Goddess
Devilaal son of Devi
Deviprasad Gift of godess
Devkinandan son of Devki;(Lord Krishna)
Devkumar son of gods
Devnarayan king
Devnath king of gods
Devpad Divine feet
Devraajking among gods, name of Indra
Devrat Spiritual
Devsena army of gods
Devvrata name of an ancient king
Dewansh Part of God
Dhairya Patience
Dhananad pleasure of having wealth
Dhananjay one who wins wealth
Dhanapati lord of wealth
Dhanesh lord of wealth
Dhanraj Lord Kuber
Dhansukh wealthy; happy
Dhanush The Bow
Dhanvant wealthy
Dhanvantari doctor of Gods
Dhanvin Lord Shiva
Dhanvine A Name for Lord Rama
Dhanya Giver Of Wealth. Lord Vishnu
Dharamnishth one who has faith in religion
Dharanidhar Sheshnaag
Dharitree the earth
Dharma religion, nature, law
Dharmadaas servant of religion
Dharmadev lord of religion
Dharmakeerti fame of religion
Dharmaketu who upholds the right way
Dharmanand takes pleasure religion
Dharmaraaj king of religion
Dharmaveer protector of religion
Dharmendra Lord of religion
Dharmendu light of religion
Dharmesh Lord of religion
Dharmik A Name for Lord Ganesha
Dharm-mitra friend of religion
Dharmpaal protector of religion
Dharuna a rishi
Dhatri a son of Vishnu/Lakshmi
Dhaval Fair complexioned
Dheeman intelligent
Dheemant wise; intelligent
Dheer tolerant
Dheeraj patience, consolation
Dheerandra god of courage
Dhimant Intelligent
Dhiraj Patience
Dhiren One who is strong
Dhirendra Lord of the brave
Dhritiman patient
Dhrupad Lord Krishna
Dhruv the polar star
Dhuha forenoon
Dhyanesh meditative
Dhyaneshwar Lord of meditation
Digant horizon
Digambar unencumbered
Digvastra Sky Clad
Digvijay who is victorious over everyone
Dikshan initiation
Dilawar brave
Dilber lover
Dileep king of the solar race
Dilip A king, ancestor of Rama
Dinakar the sun
Dinanath protector
Dinar gold coin
Dindayal kind to the poor
Dinendra lord of the day, the sun
Dinesh the sun
Dinpal sun
Dipal diya, light
Dipen Lord of the lamp
Dipendu Moon
Dipesh Lord of light
Diptanshu Sun
Divaakar the sun
Divit Immortal
Divyanshu divine light, sun
Divyendu the moon
Divyesh Sun
Dron Mahabharata Guru
Drupad a king, father of draupadi
Dulal Loved one
Duranjaya A heroic son
Durga unreachable
Durgadas devotee of Godess Durga
Durgadutt gift from Godess Durga
Durgesh lord of forts
Durijesh Moon
Durja the Invincible
Durjaya Difficult to conquer
Durvish who cannot be affected by poison
Dushyant name of a King
Dwaraka Lord Krishna's kingdom
Dwarakadas servant of Dwaraka
Dwarakanath lord of Dwaraka, Krishna
Dwaipayan the sage Vyasa
Dwijaraj king of brahmins; the moon
Dwijendra king of brahmins; the moon
Dwijesh Lord of brahmins
Dyumna glorious

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